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SuperOrder 42-43 Reddal Hill Rd, Cradley Heath, West Midlands, B64 5JR

Email  Tel: 01384 465330


01384 465330

Easy Start

First see how easy it is for your customers to use SuperOrder

Download the SuperOrder App on to your phone.


We have a special demo site (running 24/7), simply select the SuperOrder Demo Centre (top of the list) and start ordering. The Demo centre will handle your orders automatically.

Next see how your Business can run SuperOrder

Download and install SuperServer onto a Windows 10 computer, laptop or tablet (click on the link below). Phone us if you need help.

SuperServer will start in a special demonstration mode with a preloaded menu, handling orders automatically.

Show how Customers can order from your Business

Using a phone, leave the SuperOrder Demo Centre and select your Business. Try placing a few orders and watch them appear on the computer screen.

Try handling the orders as you would in your Business

Simply switch off Demo mode (you are still in test mode, so no real money is taken), then click on the screen as each stage of a Customer’s order progresses.

Making SuperOrder your own

That’s great, but now I want to make SuperOrder work for me

Well you will need to put in your own menu and take payments from customers, but how? Don’t worry, simply phone for help. Also, we have a Remote Tutor feature which allows us to show you how to use and get the best from SuperOrder.

And remember, you have the first 60 days free use after which you can cancel at any time.

Order and Pay Apps are the way forward

SuperOrder’s Pay and Order App is a modern solution to deal with queuing for food and drinks, improving your customer’s experience and increasing turnover.


How does it deal with queuing.

Why introduce an Order & Pay App to my Business

Can I try before I buy

How can I see if it works in my Business

Is SuperOrder expensive to run.

SuperOrder involves a simple monthly charge (with no minimum contract) – We charge modest fees,  typically the average Business would pay £19.99p per month per venue.

Customers download

 A new Order and Pay App for all Businesses

We provide a test mode, which can be used before going live, in which you can take and process orders. Also simulate card payments without taking any money.

You can switch between test and live modes at any time.

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SuperOrder deals with queuing by allowing customers to order and pay using their mobile phones without leaving their seats.

Yes, there is a trial period of 60 days free, no card required.

By them not having to leave their seats to order food or drink and allow them to social distance.

It is great for customers with children, as they do not have to leave them to join a queue. Also good for solo customers worried about no table being available after they have queued.

  To help the staff during busy periods

  Improve takings (more orders)

  Displays orders and their status

  Transactions are logged

  Orders are timed stamped

How can it improve my customer’s experience

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